Legion of Mary

O Mary, conceived without sin.
Pray for us who have recourse to you.

The Legion of Mary is a lay catholic organisation whose members are giving service to the Church on a voluntary basis in almost every country.This group is completed dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Mother of GOD. St.Charles Garnier Parish has an active Legion of Mary Praesidium that comes under the Hamilton Commitium with 5 active members and 7 Auxilliary Members.The Meetings are usually on Monday's at 6pm -7pm.Those who are interested to become an Active or Auxilliary members of St.Charles Garnier Praesidium please contact St.Charles Garnier Parish Office @ 905-528-0074

Eucharistic Ministers

Provide assistance to the Priest during Holy Communion to the congregation and to Catholics who are ill and cannot leave home or hospital

Music Ministry

We have a dedicated group that sings during the 10:00 AM Sunday Eucharistic celebration. Other choir groups from other parishes come to play whenever our usual Sunday choir is not available. 

Altar Servers

Young parisioners assisting the Priest with supporting tasks throughout the liturgy


Welcoming and assisting parishioners at Mass and collecting the offerings


Proclaiming scripture readings to the congregation


Parish Council

This is an advisory committee that plans, suggests programs to strengthen the parish community. The committee meets approximately 6 times per year.

Financial Committee

This committee is required by the Code of Canon Law. The committee’s role is to assist and advise the Pastor in the administration of the finances of the Parish. The committee meets 10 times per year and more often if deemed necessary. The committee reviews the financial management of the Parish including internal controls and financial reporting.

Membership – there are 7 Parishioners and Father

Decoration Committee

Responsible for weekly and yearly liturgical church decoration.

Hospitality Committee

Newly formed committee oversee the working of all hospitality program and visitor care ministries.Coordinate activities, welcomng of parishioners, help and support for other groups/ministries and other church related tasks.

Prayer Groups

Couples For Christ Foundation for Family & Life                                          (CFCFFL)

​The Couples For Christ Foundation for Family & Life (CFCFFL) is a gathering of Christian believers having evangelization and family life renewal as its main focus. CFCFFL is a missionary body, and the families that make up this association are to be families that will be instruments of the Holy Spirit in renewing the face of the earth.

Sacred Heart Divine Mercy Community

They are part of Sacred Heart Pilgrim church inspirited by the bishop and encouraged by priests. These are souls working together to respond the message in the Divine Mercy novena, “Today bring Me souls”.  They were moved with a mission to act, serve and help souls to experience gifts of the Eucharist and Sacrament, share the Divine Mercy devotion, and spread its spiritual works. “The only hope of mankind”, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, rekindled by St. John Paul II, and inspired by St. Faustina’s mission to proclaim God’s message of Love and Mercy to the world.


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